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Working With Compassion & Understanding

At the Law Offices of Marquez and Associates, our mission is to work collaboratively with the family and pertinent institution or school district for the best interest of the child.

We understand that ensuring your child’s educational program meets their unique needs is of utmost importance. We work closely with our clients to identify and request appropriate assessments, plan for necessary accommodations, modifications, goals, and services and to ultimately empower the family in its pivotal participation with the school district / institution in the development or revision of the Individualized Education Plans (IEP). This entails the individualized analysis of the unique circumstances and needs of a child based on his or her disability.

Services offered

  • Case Review and Preparation of parent as  advocates in the IEP process
  • Parent Consultation for IEP preparation
  • Advocacy during an IEP meeting
  • Due Process Representation: Resolution, Mediation, Admin. Hearing
  • Parent education to protect children and help prevent injury caused by bullying, harassment, negligent supervision or intentional illegal acts 
  • Legal Representation of children in cases of injury resulting at school

” It is so important to come to your child’s IEP meeting prepared! I found great advocates in Monica and Audrey who helped voice my concerns at the IEP meeting instead feeling rushed and uncertain. Monica, being an attorney, definitely understands how to protect my son’s rights! Her partner advocate Audrey is an experienced special educator and reviewed my son’s IEP with me so that I could understand what changes were being made and we came up with questions and concerns. I was much better prepared for IEP time this year and way less stressed out, so big thanks to you both! “ – Holly T.

Students with disabilities are entitled by law to special services and a safe educational environment. Despite legally mandated protection, students can be denied the full benefit of a Free and Appropriate Education. (FAPE) Also, injuries to children in the school setting  can occur as a result of systemic failure to implement safety measures, negligent supervision of children, bullying and other intentional acts by other students or personnel. 

As a mother of children with special needs, Ms. Marquez is dedicated and passionate about protecting the educational rights of children with disabilities.  Ms. Marquez has compassion and understanding for her clients. As an attorney and certified Mediator, she has the knowledge and skill to work with all involved parties in order to reach an agreement, and in a manner that preserves goodwill and satisfies the needs of the family and child.

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